Old mopar

Dodge d100 with Trailer

This site was previously called oldmopar.com

This site is dedicated to information about Old Mopars with a much of the information based on the 1946 – 1949 era. In case you have surfed in the P15 Plymouths cars were produced from 1946- Feb 1949. The p15 Plymouths ended in March of 1949.
There were Dodge, Desoto and Chrysler manufactured during this era 1946 -1949. Being from the same family they all share a similar look. Also included is information about the 1949 to 1952 Plymouths and Dodges. Production of the D29 , D30 Dodges as well as the p17 and P18 Plymouths were manufactured from march 1949 the are also referred to as the 1949 2nd series .

1947 P15