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The following is from the Judging guide posted on the POC website reference section

The following is from the Judging guide posted on the POC website reference section Wheels Fifteen (15) inch wheels were not used on 1946 models. Sixteen (16) inch used until late 1947, and 15″ thereafter. Wheels painted body color and striped on P-15-C. Black paint on P-15-S. Prior to September, 1947 wheels were always painted body color and striped. From this point on cars equipped with whitewall insert trim rings were painted Ecosheen (gray) on Detroit and Evansville built cars (to identify production check the body number tag, Detroit cars will not be coded, Evansville built have the letter E following the body code number and Los Angeles has the letters LA following the three digit body code). Los Angeles built cars with whitewall inserts had the wheels painted black, regardless of body color. Cars with stainless steel inserts were still painted body color at all factories. Very late 1947 and all 1948 P15s used 15″ wheels. Beginning serial numbers for identification are as follows: Detroit Special Deluxe 11851594 Deluxe 15251917 Los Angeles Spec. Deluxe 25036148 Deluxe 26010991 Evansville Spec. Deluxe 20234249 Deluxe 22063548

Also here is information on the proper placement of the strips which I believe is correct
From the point where the spider is welded to the rim, down 1 & 1/4 inches. First ring is 1/16 inch wide, middle ring is 1/4″ wide, bottom ring is 1/16″ wide. 1/16 inches between the rings.

The following information on wheel stripes for the P15 is from a article in the Plymouth Bulletin #180
Car ColorWheel Stripe
  Black  Straw
  Marine Blue  Flake white
  Chevron Blue  Gold Bronze
  Balfour Green  Gold Bronze
  Kenwood Green  Gold Bronze
  Batt. Beige  Straw
  Airway Gray  Vermillion
  Plymouth Gunmetal  Flake White
  Cruiser Maroon  Gold Bronze
  Sumac Red  Gold Bronze
  Charlotte Ivory  Gold Bronze

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